Corset Seasoning Series: Day 9

Corset Seasoning Series: Day 9

Day 9 of the corset seasoning series is here! I'm laced identically today as I was yesterday, with a 2" lacing gap and measuring 29.25" at the waist over the corset, but have worn my corset for the longest stretch yet, about 7 hours.


If I weren't feeling a bit under the weather (I have a rather uneasy stomach at the moment), I have no doubt that I could have worn my corset for longer today. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I don't have any lingering spots of discomfort and the corset is molding to my individual figure very well at this point. While I've pushed through and worn my corset today when not feeling perfectly well so as to try and stay on schedule with these posts (especially since I've already had a delay due to car troubles!), I definitely don't recommend lacing in if you're feeling under the weather. Please use your best judgement and be safe!

Want to share your corset seasoning experience or have corset questions? Leave a comment below!

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