Corset Seasoning Series Finale: Day 10

Corset Seasoning Series Finale: Day 10

It's day 10, and for me at least, the final day of breaking in my corset! Once again I'm laced with a 2" lacing gap and measure 29.25" at the waist over the corset; however, I have my final indicator that I'm ready to call this corset fully seasoned: I've worn it for about 8 hours and am still comfortably wearing it. If you don't feel like your corset is fully seasoned yet, that's okay! Just keep going at a pace that works for you and you'll reach this point too.


As is usual for me, now that my corset is fairly well broken in, I don't have any uncomfortable fit issues with my corset. The fit is supportive and comfortable enough for me to wear for many hours at a time without any bones poking or pinching me. However, just because I feel comfortable wearing my now seasoned corset all day doesn't neccessarily mean that you will! Everyone's body is different and it can take time to get used to wearing a corset for long lenghts of time, wearing a corset daily, or both! In case any of you are curious, it took me about 3 months to adjust to wearing a corset all day and roughly another 3 to get comfortable wearing corsets around 5 days a week, so I'm definitely speaking from experience here. Be patient, go slowly and safely, and eventually you'll reach the goals you set for yourself.

In case anyone is curious about the total hours of wear I've now put into this corset (and you don't feel like checking back through all the other posts!), below is a breakdown of hours of wear per day and approximate total hours. I say approximate because as you may have noticed I tend to give rough estimates of how long I've worn my corset for each day. These estimates are accurate to within 10-15 minutes, but I don't tend to be terribly fiddly about logging my hours of wear. In fact, this seasoning series is the first time I've done so while breaking a corset in!

Day 1: 3
Day 2: 3.5
Day 3: 2
Day 4: 5
Day 5: 6
Day 6: 4
Day 7: 5.5
Day 8: 6
Day 9: 7
Day 10: 8

Total hours: approximately 50

As always, anyone is welcome to comment with their experience breaking in corsets or questions below!

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